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Just so this doesn't get lost in the noise, the elections-committee do
have an open mailing list now. See below for a summary I put together.
Troy, Tim and Monty followed up with some points I missed:



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> Hi
> Since the foundation list thread kicked off, there's been a bunch of
> discussion on the foundation-board list and directly amongst ourselves. 
> Now that we have this list, I think the first thing we need to do is
> summarize where those discussions have lead to.
> Here's my attempt, but please pile on with anything I missed. Also, I
> haven't put anyone's name against any of these positions for fear of
> misrepresenting anyone.
>  * The advice that we cannot tweak the cumulative voting system without 
>    a bylaws change changes things. We now have the choice between:
>      1) do nothing
>      2) hold a vote on making any change change to the system
>      3) hold a vote on tweaking the cumulative system
>      4) hold a vote on changing to a particular system like
>         STV/Condorcet
>    I have expressed my order of preference as 4, 2, 3, 1
>  * Apparently the membership numbers have greatly increased over the 
>    6,000 members which I talked about. I don't see a public reference 
>    to this number anywhere, so I won't repeat it here.
>  * There is debate over whether we could take a vote on a bylaws change 
>    in time for the next election cycle or whether it would have to be 
>    taken at the same time as the next round of elections.
>    My take is that doing it with this years elections could give a
>    better chance of turnout and we're unlikely to get a vote ready with 
>    sufficient campaigning in advance of that anyway.
>  * Some feel that having multiple members affiliated with the same 
>    organization on the board is a serious and related issue. We have 
>    discussed whether we should hold a vote on this. Personally, I'm fine
>    with including it as another vote along with the election system 
>    vote.
>  * We discussed whether our concern about getting a sufficient turnout 
>    for a bylaws change points to a more fundamental underlying issue 
>    with our membership. Some discussion about whether members should 
>    automatically lose their membership if they do not vote in an
>    election.
>  * We have had some discussion about STV vs Condorcet that would be 
>    great to share, but I'm not best placed to summarize it
>  * Our original report is still waiting to be published along with all 
>    other supporting materials from the Oct 3rd meeting
> Mark.
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