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Alan Clark aclark at suse.com
Tue Apr 23 15:52:32 UTC 2013

>>> On 4/23/2013 at 03:09 AM, Dave Neary <dneary at redhat.com> wrote: 
> Hi Kabiraj,
> On 04/22/2013 03:55 PM, Kabiraj Gaire wrote:
>>  I am a newbie in Cloud but once i started doing research in cloud for
>> my graduate diploma project I came across with OpenStack. After i read
>> how it was developed and how this mission is going on I am very excited
>> about doing some practical implementation of OpenStack. For my initial
>> learning process i installed OpenStack Essex on Ubuntu. Now I am very
>> keen on continuing OpenStack practical learning. I would like to know
>> how i can contribute to this OpenStack community and for the IT student
>> like me how OpenStack can be very useful for my career in future. It
>> would be great to get reply for this mail. Hoping for your reply. Thank you.
> In my experience contribution is preceded by usage. I would recommend
> that you figure out how you can deploy OpenStack beyind a small test
> environment, and figure out its value to you and your friends. Perhaps
> you could volunteer to set up an OpenStack lab for your university? This
> would be an excellent opportunity to better understand what the project
> has to offer, and to see shortcomings which you would then be in a
> position to fix.
> This is not to take away from Alan's advice, but (again, in my
> experience) contributions are only sustained when contributors are using
> the software regularly.

perhaps something to add to the page I referenced. 

> Hope this helps!
> Dave.

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