[OpenStack Foundation] OpenStack Teacher /Student Certification

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Sun Apr 28 11:50:14 UTC 2013

hi all

I am working with Education, take a look www.jeni-academy.org

now i am thinking to create OpenSTack + CLoudFoundry certification,
that we will give to the teacher in every school (targeting vocational
highschool/secondary school and polytechnics).

any one can work together for this? because I want to put logo in our

for OpenStack, where is the place i can ask for this permission?

this program usually part of my experience create user group,

every school or region of state will become regional academy = state
based user group,

I love to work together with anyone outside Indonesia, for smiliar
work, so we can create one content, one program, and better result.

West JAva State only, have 263 schools , and around 12.000 school
target all over Indonesia, that will be interesting work, around
500.000 student.

right now they focus is "IaaS", and our focus in JAva User Group/JENI is PaaS.

Microsoft asks me to put Azure, but they cannot provide the license
for education, so I give the rest of the network to OpenStack.. plus

Right now we use Ubuntu..

NB: I wish Redhat interest with this, but I email to RH SEA, no
program for this yet in our region.

We have create a free material to setup, deploy, setup OpenSTack and
CloudFoundry, the missing thing is
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