[OpenInfra Foundation] Gold Director Selector Results

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openinfra.dev
Fri Jan 7 04:45:13 UTC 2022

Hi everyone,

Each January two of the Foundation member classes hold elections to determine their Board representatives for the year. The Gold Members held their election yesterday, and the Individual Members will elect their Directors starting Monday. More information is available online: https://openinfra.dev/election/2022-individual-director-election

The voting for Gold Members has closed, and here are the Director Selectors and their intended Directors for 2022:

99cloud - Li Kai
Canonical - Tytus Kurek
China Mobile - Pengju Jiao
China Unicom - Xin Zhong
Cisco - Shannon McFarland
City Network - Johan Christenson
EasyStack - Edward Lee
Deutsche Telekom - Clemens Hardewig
Intel - Grace Lian

These directors will be seated after the Individual Member elections are completed along with the rest of the Directors at the next Board meeting on January 25th


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