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Roland Chan roland at aptira.com
Fri May 13 23:47:40 UTC 2016

I suggest we not use real time meetings as the primary mechanism for moving
things forward. We've tried and failed to have rotating meeting times.

Judging by previous efforts, there is probably going to be less value in
real time discussion than there is in people taking and performing actions,
the product of which can be reviewed by the WG at their leisure.

The code of conduct is a perfect example of this. It just needs to be drafted,
reviewed for a week or two and then forwarded to the Foundation for
approval and adoption. Using Gdoc (or something else with review features.
For the love of dog, not gerrit please) rather than an etherpad would be

On Sat, 14 May 2016, 09:14 Barrett, Carol L, <carol.l.barrett at intel.com>

> All - Thanks for providing your input to the Doodle. Of the 15
> respondents, the most popular meeting time only includes 6 people. We need
> to define an approach that allows us to be more inclusive. If people have
> ideas, pls share them on the mail list or in the meeting.
> The next meeting of the Diversity WG will be Thursday, May 19th  1600 UTC
> (9:00 AM Pacific) on #openstack-diversity
> The agenda is:
> ·         Roll Call
> ·         Future Meeting Plans - How do we create a productive, inclusive
> approach?
> ·         Ease of Onboarding New Community Members - OpenStack Foundation
> Plans
> ·         Review discussion notes from Austin session
> o    Etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Diversity_WG_AUS
> ·         Discuss focus and priorities for Newton Development cycle
> o    Previous workstreams
>    - Workstream 1: Code of Conduct - Cindy Pallares, Lauren Sell
>       - Workstream 2: Increase ease of on-boarding new Community Members
>       - Mike Perez, Lauren Sell
>       - Workstream 3: Reachout to New Diverse Community Members - All
> ·         Opens
> Thanks
> Carol
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