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Tristan (and Others) – Pls let me know what Countries you need access codes for and I will do my best to supply.

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Re this:

Women of OpenStack
September 2, 2015
18:00 UTC

We will use a voice line for this call:
 Access: (888) 875-9370, Bridge: 3; Passcode: 1278598

"I understand the foundation has sponsored a female diversity intern that probably cant dial this US freecall number. What number should she call?"

"As with all OpenStack meetings, we must provide equal access to all foundation members, even those outside the US".


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Subject: [OpenStack Foundation] [OpenStack][Women of OpenStack] Kick-off Meeting Info

Thanks for your responses in the Doodle. Based upon that, we will have our kick-off meeting on Wednesday  9/2/15 at 18:00 UTC.

You can find the agenda and logistics here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/9_2_15_WOS

Talk with you then!

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