[OpenStack Foundation] [Women-of-openstack] [OpenStack] [Diversity] 8/20 Diversity Work Group Meeting calendar invite

Egle Sigler egle.sigler at rackspace.com
Mon Aug 17 22:23:54 UTC 2015

Hi Team - This week Amy Marrich will lead our meeting - Thanks Amy!

We will meet:
Thursday 8/20/15 at 17:00 UTC
IRC Channel? #openstack-diversity
 Etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenStackDiversity.7

Agenda is:
   *         Roll Call
   *         Women of OpenStack Update
         o   Call to action: If you're interested in joining this effort, pls join the WOO mail list
   *         Update from APAC call
         o   Roland Chan and Kavit will lead Geo Diversity effort
         o   Who is interested in working with them on this?
         o   Attendance is low in APAC call - Pls help increase the participation
   *         Data Analysis Team
         o   We need a leader for this activity and a core team to help
         o   Focus is to determine what data we have and what data we need for Phase 1 thru 3
   *         Community Survey Team
         o   We need a leader for this activity and a core team to help
         o   Goal is to create a survey to gather data from the Community to close the gaps per above team; and to find out if there are other categories of diversity the community believes we should add to our plans
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