[OpenStack Foundation] Individual Member Director Elections

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Fri Oct 11 02:52:19 UTC 2013

On 10/10/2013 08:38 PM, Tristan Goode wrote:
> We're making some progress there....
> Today (with many thanks to Todd!!) I got my first _ever_ BoD/committee
> related meeting invite that wasn't scheduled between 1am and 4am! Since I
> do understand that the bulk of BoD is in a few US timezones I said a while
> back in I think the first BoD meeting I am happy to work with that fact,
> but then realised that's kind of selfish. We probably should be scheduling
> meetings fairly for the entire membership, not the convenience of BoD
> members.
> Todd's invite was based on a formula I supplied which is really not really
> fair to our members in the Pacific using the "dark zone" of 5 or 7 hours
> depending on summertime that exists between West Coast USA and East Coast
> Australia, meaning everyone that lives outside of that Pacific zone gets
> to attend a meeting between 5am and midnight all year round. Adoption of
> this formula will come back to haunt me if I ever am lucky enough to be
> checking in on the Bora Bora OSUG and find I will have to attend a BoD
> meeting whilst there.
> So perhaps to be fair we could look at a compulsory global rotation of
> times for meetings (and compulsory UTC notification times!). There's that
> scary "compulsory" word again that I used yesterday to the BoD mailing
> list about voting and immediate membership ejection for not voting, that
> I'm very pleased to see being put forward for wider debate! I thought it
> was just a crazy Australian democracy thing (and a bunch of other places).
> Rotation might be something like each quarter meeting times are bumped 6
> hours along, so we all get to equally share the red eyes and challenges to
> stay awake during some BoD meetings that (I agree with Joshua) should be
> compulsory (wow that word again) attendance for aspiring individual
> candidates. When the topics are things you're passionate about, getting
> sleep beforehand or getting back to sleep after a 2am to 4am session is
> also usually impossible.

Part of me doesn't like the word compulsory. On the other hand, we
enforce a TON of things in this project, and most of them are to keep
any person or any group of people from gaining a status that makes them
more special or more important than any other person or group of people.
As someone who travels the earth constantly, I can tell you dealing with
the OpenStack meetings is nothing if not challenging. However, I can't
imagine what it's like to be ttx and have important meetings at night
every week.

I think we should figure out how to do the above for the tech meetings
too. We've thought about it some, and I think ceilometer actually had an
alternating week schedule. But those had the problem of being too hard
to remember. I kinda like the quarterly rotation - it reminds us that
this is a global effort.

> Or we could use the stats of the membership by country and balance the
> rotation according to the "weight" of membership population around the
> globe.
> I also agree with Mark about folks not listening in and joining the BoD
> meeting IRC channel and the etherpads we always do. I'd be really happy to
> give allcomers voice and throw your suggestions in real time into the
> firepit of the BoD if you were actually there at the time. You'd also get
> awareness of how hard the BoD actually works to hash out as much input and
> debate into _every_ decision.

In case you're all wondering - #openstack-foundation is open for
business. Feel free to stop by. Last board meeting the channel was popping!

> Cheers
> Tristan
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>> On 11/10/13 03:32, Joshua McKenty wrote:
>>> And one last *crazy* idea I had:
>>>   - Require candidates for individual director seats to have
>>> attended/dialed-into at least 50% of the board meetings in the past 6
>>> months
>> Aren't the board meetings always at 2am or something? That seems kinda
> harsh :)
>> Regards,
>> Tom
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