[OpenStack Foundation] Individual Member Director Elections

Tristan Goode tristan at aptira.com
Fri Oct 11 00:38:09 UTC 2013

We're making some progress there....

Today (with many thanks to Todd!!) I got my first _ever_ BoD/committee
related meeting invite that wasn't scheduled between 1am and 4am! Since I
do understand that the bulk of BoD is in a few US timezones I said a while
back in I think the first BoD meeting I am happy to work with that fact,
but then realised that's kind of selfish. We probably should be scheduling
meetings fairly for the entire membership, not the convenience of BoD

Todd's invite was based on a formula I supplied which is really not really
fair to our members in the Pacific using the "dark zone" of 5 or 7 hours
depending on summertime that exists between West Coast USA and East Coast
Australia, meaning everyone that lives outside of that Pacific zone gets
to attend a meeting between 5am and midnight all year round. Adoption of
this formula will come back to haunt me if I ever am lucky enough to be
checking in on the Bora Bora OSUG and find I will have to attend a BoD
meeting whilst there.

So perhaps to be fair we could look at a compulsory global rotation of
times for meetings (and compulsory UTC notification times!). There's that
scary "compulsory" word again that I used yesterday to the BoD mailing
list about voting and immediate membership ejection for not voting, that
I'm very pleased to see being put forward for wider debate! I thought it
was just a crazy Australian democracy thing (and a bunch of other places).

Rotation might be something like each quarter meeting times are bumped 6
hours along, so we all get to equally share the red eyes and challenges to
stay awake during some BoD meetings that (I agree with Joshua) should be
compulsory (wow that word again) attendance for aspiring individual
candidates. When the topics are things you're passionate about, getting
sleep beforehand or getting back to sleep after a 2am to 4am session is
also usually impossible.

Or we could use the stats of the membership by country and balance the
rotation according to the "weight" of membership population around the

I also agree with Mark about folks not listening in and joining the BoD
meeting IRC channel and the etherpads we always do. I'd be really happy to
give allcomers voice and throw your suggestions in real time into the
firepit of the BoD if you were actually there at the time. You'd also get
awareness of how hard the BoD actually works to hash out as much input and
debate into _every_ decision.


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> On 11/10/13 03:32, Joshua McKenty wrote:
> > And one last *crazy* idea I had:
> >   - Require candidates for individual director seats to have
> > attended/dialed-into at least 50% of the board meetings in the past 6
> > months
> Aren't the board meetings always at 2am or something? That seems kinda
harsh :)
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