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Lloyd...dude...if you don't stop spamming @foundation alias, I'll be forced
to send a Russian assassin =). 

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Hello fellow foundation members,

left me uncomfortable since I first read it. I have held off on seeking my
fellow members thoughts as I had hoped that the first board meeting minutes
would provide context for the conversation. As there is currently no ETA on
when the minutes will be released, and as the blog post has been picked up
by the media [1] I'd like to share my thoughts.

I think if not Boris Renski's blog post, it would have been someone else's.
I dislike discussions in the abstract and I know Boris Renski has a thick

Having spent five years of my career at WordPress working every day with big
media and bloggers what first caught my eye was that there was not clear,
explicit, called out disclosure of Boris' membership of the board and the
nature of his personal opinion. I share everyone's frustration for how
manipulative some members of the media are, and that this sort of thing is
necessary. At end of the article there was "we, at the foundation board,",
but I feel the article would have further benefited from including
"disclosure" at the beginning of the article.

What really bothers me about this article though is that only other members
of the board can respond intelligently to it. The mandate, membership, and
resulting criteria of the Gold Application Committee (or whatever it is
called) has not yet been shared with the Foundation membership, nor has the
meeting minutes.

It seems like we'd all benefit with some etiquette recommendations around

Thank you,


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