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Just a thought… since you mentioned “parliamentary structure”, how about a “congress-like” structure which owns by two houses – one (Senate-like) represents the interests of commercial companies (tiered corporate seats) and the other one (House of Representatives-like) represents the interests of development community (user seats, dev seats). Any policy could be proposed within each house but has to get approval by the other house. Each house could have the same seats (around 9~12) or maybe we can offer more corporate seats to get more funds but it still can be constrained and balanced by the other house no matter how many seats it is.

Too complicated or not??


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Ah, right. You are referring to a more parliamentary structure, where the membership of the board would be based on annual schedule and if a vote of no confidence is taken. I guess that could work, if that was what you meant. I would want a minimum of 6 months or so term as to keep the board from see sawing back and forth. We would want a high bar for the no confidence vote as well.
I like having 9-12 people max in a meeting as a general rule. 20 generally means either a few speak or chaos.

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I'm on the look-out for emergent points of consensus, and I think I see one - Sean, you highlighted a 12-member board as being a target, and Dallas mentioned a concern about keeping the board a manageable size as well. Setting aside for a moment the composition (user seats, dev seats, tiered corporate seats vs. all elected, etc) - is a 12-seat board the target?

A second question - how would you define a self-affiliated block of companies? I can imagine throwing my vote behind a shared candidate, but would I have the right to pull support during their term, or would I need to wait for the next election? Can we have a vote of no-confidence for such a representative? (I suppose we could always draft a side letter, but I'm hoping for a general-purpose solution).

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