[OpenStack Foundation] [Openstack] Foundation Structure: An Alternative

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 12:24:10 UTC 2012

On 03/12/2012 09:38 PM, yoyochiang at itri.org.tw wrote:
> Just a thought… since you mentioned “parliamentary structure”, how about
> a “congress-like” structure which owns by two houses – one (Senate-like)
> represents the interests of commercial companies (tiered corporate
> seats) and the other one (House of Representatives-like) represents the
> interests of development community (user seats, dev seats). Any policy
> could be proposed within each house but has to get approval by the other
> house. Each house could have the same seats (around 9~12) or maybe we
> can offer more corporate seats to get more funds but it still can be
> constrained and balanced by the other house no matter how many seats it is.
> Too complicated or not??

I like the idea of having one side balance out the power of the other. 
Though, there is of course the danger of becoming like the US Congress 
-- getting absolutely nothing done! :)

Jokes aside, I really do like the idea of formalizing the process of 
proposals for the business side of the foundation -- and having the 
different subgroups of the board be able to balance each other out. Of 
course, you will need to put rules in place by which "approval" is given 
for a proposed policy change. Is it simple majority of each subgroup? 
Supermajority for some things? etc...


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