[OpenStack Foundation] What's happening with the foundation formation? (was: OpenStack Mission & Goals)

Joshua McKenty joshua at pistoncloud.com
Thu Jan 5 01:04:22 UTC 2012

I brought this up with Mark Collier this morning, and he's agreed to provide an update this week. I believe most of the activity within Rackspace has been trying to address the legal issues around making this a truly international organization, and not much has been happening on charter, etc.

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On 2012-01-04, at 5:01 PM, Ryan Lane wrote:

>> I think it was mostly a matter of people waiting for those types of answers
>> (what can we do? what is allowed? who is going to tell us what is
>> kosher?)... and sometimes, in these situations, it's best for the people who
>> are interested to forge ahead and start exploring/testing the boundaries
>> without asking someone to draw those lines for them. Asking for forgiveness
>> rather than begging for permission, etc. :)
>> And as Rick said, without any pressure from the community, the priority
>> level drops dramatically. If people really want it, noise gets attention,
>> generally.
> Well, I don't mind adding into the noise, then.
> My level of participation in OpenStack is slightly crippled by
> OpenStack being owned by a private organization. Anything
> promotion-wise I do can be construed as promoting a private
> organization, and that's something I'm not allowed to do. This
> includes actively recruiting members of my movement to work on
> OpenStack related issues that affect us.
> I was definitely hoping to see more activity by this point in time. At
> the last summit there was discussion about having a lot of the initial
> work done that was necessary to begin this process within a month
> after the summit. Can we get a time frame as to when this work might
> be done? There isn't really much the community can do without the
> first steps being taken.
> At minimum, can we get an update on the progress of the foundation formation?
> - Ryan
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