[OpenStack Foundation] What's happening with the foundation formation? (was: OpenStack Mission & Goals)

Ryan Lane rlane at wikimedia.org
Thu Jan 5 01:01:12 UTC 2012

> I think it was mostly a matter of people waiting for those types of answers
> (what can we do? what is allowed? who is going to tell us what is
> kosher?)... and sometimes, in these situations, it's best for the people who
> are interested to forge ahead and start exploring/testing the boundaries
> without asking someone to draw those lines for them. Asking for forgiveness
> rather than begging for permission, etc. :)
> And as Rick said, without any pressure from the community, the priority
> level drops dramatically. If people really want it, noise gets attention,
> generally.

Well, I don't mind adding into the noise, then.

My level of participation in OpenStack is slightly crippled by
OpenStack being owned by a private organization. Anything
promotion-wise I do can be construed as promoting a private
organization, and that's something I'm not allowed to do. This
includes actively recruiting members of my movement to work on
OpenStack related issues that affect us.

I was definitely hoping to see more activity by this point in time. At
the last summit there was discussion about having a lot of the initial
work done that was necessary to begin this process within a month
after the summit. Can we get a time frame as to when this work might
be done? There isn't really much the community can do without the
first steps being taken.

At minimum, can we get an update on the progress of the foundation formation?

- Ryan

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