[OpenInfra Foundation] 2022 Individual Director election and Bylaws amendment results

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openinfra.dev
Fri Jan 14 18:05:52 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

The 2022 election of Individual Directors has closed. Results are available at the following link:


The Bylaws amendments have now been passed by the Individual Member class. The elected and appointed directors will be seated at the first Board meeting of the year which will be scheduled for January 25th.

Congratulations to our new and returning directors, and thank you to everyone for joining in the process!


Individual Directors
Kurt Garloff
Julia Kreger
Rico Lin
Ghanshyam Mann
Amy Marrich
Belmiro Moreira
Allison Randal
Vipin Rathi
Shane Wang

Platinum Directors
Gang Chen
Michael Cheng
Eoghan Glynn
Paul Miller
Chris Price
Jean-Pierre Ren
Xudong Ren
Xu Wang
Ryan Van Wyk

Gold Directors
Li Kai
Tytus Kurek
Pengju Jiao
Xin Zhong
Shannon McFarland
Johan Christenson
Edward Lee
Clemens Hardewig
Grace Lian

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