[OpenInfra Foundation] August 2, 2022 Board Meeting

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openinfra.dev
Wed Aug 3 18:29:05 UTC 2022

The Open Infrastructure Foundation Board of Directors met earlier this week. The agenda[1] was posted ahead of time.

The meeting opened with approval of the June meetings minutes and a policy reminder.

Next the Staff presented an update[2] on a number of topics including the recent Summit in Berlin, plans for the upcoming in-person PTG in October and a 2023 Summit in Vancouver. In addition we will have a presence at a number of industry events across the year and would love to see any community members who are attending.

We also discussed the current user surveys for OpenInfra projects that are underway and linked from the project[3] page of the OpenInfra website. If you are making use of any of the projects, please take a few minutes to complete the relevant survey. Next Ildiko covered an effort to create blueprints for community management activities.

Finally the staff update concluded with an update on previously discussed activities included directed funds for projects and the establishment of additional global entities.

Following the staff update, Julia and Ghanshyam gave an update on scheduling meetings between interested board members and various projects.

Thanks to everyone who joined and participated,


1. https://board.openinfra.dev/meetings/2022-08-02
2. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/105-6m5uSIsXTyw93cfozX7RemSPd5KWHsGnIBSZ7OnM/
3. https://openinfra.dev/projects/

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