[OpenInfra Foundation] Mailing lists have moved

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Dec 24 17:30:47 UTC 2021

All the active foundation-specific mailing lists have moved from
lists.openstack.org to lists.openinfra.dev today, reflecting the new
name of the Open Infrastructure Foundation. Specifically, the
following now use this new domain: community, foundation,
foundation-board, foundation-board-confidential, goldmembers,
marketing, staff, summitsponsors. Key redirects and forwarding
aliases for the old list addresses have been installed in order to
keep existing hyperlinks and replies to messages from before the
move working.

In addition, a number of old mailing lists specific to foundation
activities have been cleaned up (if they were public, their archives
were left intact for historical reference): admin-cert-wg,
ambassadors, analyst-relations, app-catalog-admin,
april-2013-track-chairs, defcore-committee, fits,
foundation-testing-standards, nov-2013-track-chairs,
openstack-partner, openstack-track-chairs,
openstack-travel-committee, superuser, tax-affairs.

A new summit-programming-committee list was created to take the
place of the retired openstack-track-chairs list.

Finally, input is requested on the following two lists which were
neither moved nor retired yet: enterprise-wg and product-wg. Nobody
has posted to either of these since 2017 and neither are listed as
active working groups of the board any longer. It was suggested that
I confirm it's okay to retire these, rather than moving them and
keeping the addresses working. I'll plan to retire them at the end
of January 2022 if I don't hear any objections before then. Thanks!
Jeremy Stanley
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