[OpenStack Foundation] 2020 Individual Director election results

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openstack.org
Fri Jan 17 19:07:17 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

The 2020 election of Individual Directors has closed. Results are available at the following link:


Dell EMC was selected last week as a Gold Director Selector. The Individual voting resulted in two additional Dell EMC affiliated candidates being ranked within the top eight candidates. The additional two candidates would violate the Director Diversity requirements of our Bylaws that limit any individual company to only two Directors on the Board. The Bylaws state in 4.17(c) "No director may take office if the addition of the director would cause a violation of the Director Diversity Requirement…. If the new director is elected by the Individual Members, then the individual having the next highest number of votes whose admission would not cause a violation of the Director Diversity Requirement shall be become the new director instead of the individual whose election would cause a violation of the Director Diversity Requirement.” Following these rules, Kurt Garloff takes the final spot on the Board.

The elected and appointed directors will be seated at the Board meeting at the end of January. Congratulations to our new and returning directors!


Individual Directors
Tim Bell
Kurt Garloff
Julia Kreger
Amy Marrich
Mohammed Naser
Prakash Ramchandran
Allison Randal
Shane Wang

Platinum Directors
Daniel Becker
Alan Clark
Ruan He
Fred Li
Jeffrey Moyer
Chris Price
Mark Skarpness
Ryan Van Wyk

Gold Directors
Ryan Beisner
Johan Christenson
Clemens Hardewig
Li Kai
Arkady Kanevsky
Junwei Liu
Vijoy Pandey
Xin Zhong

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