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Jaesuk Ahn bluejay.ahn at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 00:23:46 UTC 2019


You have been the best of best for this community.
I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for us, especially for the
community here in Korea.

You have been a strong supporter and friend to grow this community.
Personally, it has been great joy to work with you. :)

I will be in Denver, celebrating your birthday and beginning of new chapter
in your life.

P.S. Lauren, unfortunately, I am not on WeChat. But, if you’re on kakao
chat, I can send you a great stickers. = )

On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 8:21 AM Mark Collier <mark at openstack.org> wrote:

> Lauren,
> I've witnesses first hand how your contributions to openstack have meant
> so
> much to so many people in this community, all over the world.
> Early on we laid out what seemed (to me) like ambitious goals, like
> building a community of dozens of people from 5 or 6 companies, to build
> some open source software components in hopes of ensuring that open source
> was a credible force in the future of automated cloud infrastructure.
> I quickly realized that with your insatiable ambition and belief in our
> mission, unparalleled creative thinking, and compassion for the people we
> serve, our initial goals were actually conservative! Take it from me: no
> one sets the bar higher than Lauren Sell! I've never seen anything like it
> in my [checks calendar] pretty darn long career.
> Here we are 9 years later, with 100,000 members in 187 countries, with an
> open source developer community that in 2018 alone was one of the 3 most
> active on the planet! Right up their with the Linux kernel and Chromium.
> Wow!
> Had I known the force of nature we had on our side with Lauren, we'd never
> have aimed so low :)
> I know, I know... No one person made this happen. That's the whole point
> of
> the power of our community, right? But I'm not going to pass up the
> opportunity to recognize Lauren for being, in my humble (yet fixed)
> opinion
> a unique and singular force, without which I firmly believe we'd never be
> where we are today. A world where open source is more ubiqiutous than
> ever,
> with greater participation across users, developers, and massive multi
> billion dollar ecosystems.
> In summary: no one raises the bar like Lauren Sell. She a leader in open
> source, a leader in tech, and a leader in whatever she puts her mind to.
> She also happens to be a friend, and an all around bad ass, who I know I
> can always rely on. I know many of you know exactly what I'm talking about.
> We fully expect to see you in Denver, and to cheer you on in your next
> journey, wherever that takes you!
> Mark
> On March 22, 2019 3:20:36 PM Lauren Sell <lauren at openstack.org> wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I have bittersweet news. After 9 years working with the OpenStack
> > community, it’s time for the next chapter in my career. I’ll be wrapping
> up
> > my work at the Foundation over the coming weeks, but the good news is
> that
> > we’ve built a strong bench at the Foundation to continue executing on
> our
> > mission!
> >
> > This community means so much to me, and I’ve enjoyed this job and
> working
> > with all of you more than I can express. We spend a significant amount
> of
> > our lives working, which is why I feel so fortunate to love my work and
> the
> > people I work with. And from Snowden to Snowpenstack, it definitely
> hasn’t
> > been boring!
> >
> > I can’t emphasize enough how this is a true community. It’s not just
> open
> > source code. It’s not just a bunch of logos on a slide. It’s a group of
> > people who have built an incredible platform and culture of
> collaboration.
> > We’ve had some really amazing wins and some tough days, but we’ve been
> in
> > it together and have made such a huge impact on the industry. Most of
> all,
> > I’m proud that we’ve always gone high and stuck to our values, even when
> > others try to tear us down.
> >
> > I’m FULLY invested in and passionate about this community and will do
> > everything in my power to continue contributing and supporting everyone.
> In
> > fact, I will be at the Denver Summit to cheer everyone on and help where
> I
> > can, so please say hi and selfishly come celebrate my birthday with me
> on
> > Tuesday the 30th :)
> >
> > Going forward, if you need anything from the Foundation marketing team,
> > please reach out to marketing at openstack.org to reach Wes Wilson,
> Allison
> > Price and others. And of course Jonathan and Mark are always available
> to
> > help with anything.
> >
> > Thank you again for all of your work, your support, your friendship. If
> we
> > don’t catch up in Denver, I’m always a phone call or DM or email away.
> > Please don’t hesitate to reach out!
> >
> > All the best,
> > Lauren
> >
> > Personal contact info:
> > email: laurenenis at gmail.com
> > cell: 713-398-8700
> > Twitter: @laurensell
> > Wechat: laurenlynsell
> >
> >
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*Jaesuk Ahn*, Ph.D.
Software R&D Center, SK Telecom
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