[OpenStack Foundation] establishing channel for optional feedback re: pilot projects

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Agree with your two points.
I suggest we also add a third one that maybe applicable to only a subset of pilot projects.
That is overlap and differences between existing projects in OpenStack and Pilot projects.

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Jonathan Bryce wrote:
>> On Mar 12, 2019, at 5:39 PM, Doug Hellmann <doug at doughellmann.com> wrote:
>> What sorts of input would the board be interested in hearing? Are 
>> there specific questions, or is it more a matter of looking for 
>> general comments?
> I’d love to have any of the board members chime in on this one, but I’ll also share my perspective. This request is admittedly open-ended since it’s intended to allow for a wide variety of projects to come through the process. If we look at the cases of Kata Containers and Zuul specifically, I could see the TC having some general thoughts (or not) about Kata Containers and potential integration with OpenStack projects or how it fits technically into an open source cloud landscape. For Zuul, I would imagine there might be a more detailed level of opinion or comment that the TC might have given the origin of Zuul and the continued extensive use as part of the OpenStack project development process. Perhaps things like support for the utility of Zuul as a major user, comments on the developer experience of the project.

Beyond providing technical input to help the Board assess integration and complementarity between technologies, I think that a body like the OpenStack Technical Committee can provide advice in two other areas:

1- The TC has practical experience of open collaboration under the "Four opens", and has derived a number of principles from them. It could therefore provide input to help the Board assess how well a pilot project fits the Open collaboration model, or how it seems to diverge from the OpenStack's implementation of the Four Opens.

2- OpenStack stands on strong technical best practices (like gating), that helped facilitate open collaboration and high QA levels.
The TC could also help assess best practices in areas like documentation, internationalization, code review, testing, CI/CD, bug handling, or vulnerability management.

While members of the Board are without doubt very technical, the Board of Directors as a body is better equipped to evaluate strategic focus or active engagement. It will IMHO benefit from input from others to evaluate open collaboration or technical best practices -- this is where other technical bodies from already-confirmed projects can help.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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