[OpenStack Foundation] Provide Feedback on OSF Pilot Project Confirmation Guidelines

Claire Massey claire at openstack.org
Wed Feb 13 22:03:15 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

Quick update and call to action on the process for confirming pilot projects as top-level open infrastructure projects at the Foundation. As you know, a pilot project will be eligible to be reviewed by the Board within 18 months of it receiving support from the Foundation, in order to decide on long-term investment of OSF resources to support it. As such, a subgroup of the Board has been working to draft guidelines to use when reviewing a project that requests to be confirmed. 

A bit of background - in August 2018 Jonathan emailed the Foundation ML with an update on OSF open infrastructure projects.[1] This topic was also previously discussed at a very high-level at previous Board meetings, including the September 18 meeting[2] (starting around slide 38).

In mid-December a sub group of the Board formed and began holding regular meetings to workshop through drafting the guidelines. The guidelines have since been circulated for feedback with the leadership bodies from OSF pilot projects Airship, Kata Containers, StarlingX and Zuul as well as the OpenStack TC and OpenStack UC. All of the feedback from each of these community groups has been incorporated into the current draft. 

*We now invite you, the broader community, to participate in this effort* by reviewing the current working draft in this etherpad and adding in your feedback and comments no later than *February 20*: 


The Board subgroup will meet again in late February to review your feedback and incorporate it into the final set of guidelines that will be presented for review and approval in the OSF Board Meeting on March 5.  Following the approval of the guidelines, Kata Containers and Zuul will be the first pilot projects that are eligible for review and confirmation as top-level open infrastructure projects. 


[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/foundation/2018-August/002617.html 
[2] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10UyCpxkjPqC3kT-dYRpBxzNT39i2OhlggJvzGDosMz0/edit#slide=id.g4274351d5e_1_392
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