[OpenStack Foundation] Bylaws change proposed at next week's OpenStack board meeting to support Open Infrastructure project confirmation

Graham Hayes gr at ham.ie
Fri Apr 5 14:54:50 UTC 2019

On 02/04/2019 14:43, Alan Clark wrote:
> 4.16 Open Meetings and Records.  Except as necessary to protect
> attorney-client privilege, sensitive personnel information, discuss the
> candidacy of potential Gold Member and Platinum Members, /and discuss
> the review and approval of Open Infrastructure Projects, /the Board of
> Directors shall: (i) permit observation of its meetings by Members via
> remote teleconference or other electronic means, and (ii) publish the
> Board of Directors minutes and make available to any Member on request
> other information and records of the Foundation as required by Delaware
> Corporate Law.
> If, during confirmation discussions, a project lead or Director feels
> that there is sensitive information that needs to be protected this
> amendment provides a mechanism for such discussion.
I am still not sure what could be required for an executive session that
is not covered by "sensitive personnel information" that would require

Personally, for me, this looks like we are not abiding by our own ethos
of the Four Opens - I do understand if there is personel issues with a
potential project, we would want to have it discussed behind closed
doors, but everything else should be in the open. If the project
that is about to be included has large enough personnel issues that
they could cause issues for its inclusion in the foundation, there
is a very high chance that they are going to fail some of the
confirmation guidelines, and that *is* something the community
should have visiblity into.

Even from an optics perspective - the board deciding to include or
not include a project behind closed doors is not something that
is representitive of the OpenStack community, and not something
I think the community should be supporting.

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