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Amy Marrich amy at demarco.com
Tue Nov 21 03:27:24 UTC 2017

At the Sydney Summit, there seemed to be interest in re-activating the
Diversity WG. I am sending this email to give some background on the group
as well as to gauge interest.

A charter was proposed to the board May 2015 by Egle Sigler, Kavit Munshi,
and Imad Sousou to form the group [1]. The group was formed a short time
later with Egle Sigler and Carol Barrett as co-chairs and falling under the
oversight of the Board.

The main work of the diversity group was the diversity survey and its
results which were released prior to the Tokyo Summit in October, 2015 and
we had about 20 people show up for the Working Group session held there to
go over the results. A working group session was also held at the Austin
Summit with about 10 people in attendance. It was not long after the Austin
summit that the group membership dwindled down and activity ended.

Things that came out of the work of the Diversity WG are the Git and Gerrit
Lunch and Learn held at the last 5 summits, the Communication Tools Lunch
and Learn held in Barcelona, and the Greeters in Barcelona that were
provided by the Women of OpenStack.

I feel there is still work to do in this area even if only revisiting the
survey and gathering more data that can be evaluated and used to help grow
the community.

If you are interested in helping to revive the Diversity WG please let me
know. The group used the Foundation mailing list (
foundation at lists.openstack.org) with the [Diversity] tag and still has the
#openstack-diversity channel on Freenode though it is not currently being
logged as Egle and myself until recently were the only 2 members.


Amy Marrich (spotz)

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Diversity/ProposedCharter
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