[OpenStack Foundation] NEC Gold member change

Tsugikazu Shibata tshibata at ab.jp.nec.com
Fri Sep 23 07:41:19 UTC 2016

To OpenStack Gold members, Board of directors and Foundation staff:

As I will be stepping away the Gold member representative, Mr. Takashi Torii will be assuming responsibilities representing NEC. I think everyone know him because He is already attending Gold member meeting and board meeting. (I CCed him on this email)

I was joined the Foundation as only a Japanese company at the first Board meeting in San Diego 2012.
During 4 years with OpenStack community, Gold members and the Board, It was really an exciting time for me and I think I could make some of contribution to grow OpenStack ecosystem especially for Japan and Asia. I was enjoyed the opportunity and wanted to say Thank you for everyone for your help.

I still working on the Open Source industries so you can feel free to reach out to me anytime.
Thank you again for the great time!

Tsugikazu Shibata

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