[OpenStack Foundation] [OpenStack][Diversity] How to become a member of the OpenStack Diversity Work Group

Roland Chan roland at aptira.com
Thu May 19 12:54:29 UTC 2016

Hi Konrad,

Just show up to the meetings, send emails or whatever you want. A diversity
group with entry criteria would be counterproductive.

Please speak your mind.


On 19 May 2016 4:48 pm, "Djimeli Konrad" <djkonro35 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Djimeli Konrad a computer science student from the University
> of Buea Cameroon, Africa. I just started contributing  to OpenStack but  I
> have been contributing to open-source ever since my GSoC 2015 participation
> with BRL-CAD, and I have also worked on  some open-source projects on
> github (http://github.com/djkonro) and sourceforge (
> https://sourceforge.net/u/konrado/profile/). I am very passionate about
> cloud development, distributed systems, virtualization, thus my interest in
>  contributing to OpenStack. I am also a Google Developer Group Buea
> <https://developers.google.com/groups/chapter/100289274059280359416/>
> organizer, with some community experience.
> I would like to know what it takes to become part of the OpenStack
> Diversity Work Group and also to attend the work group team meetings. Are
> they open to new member or is it restricted ?.
> Thanks
> Konrad
> https://www.linkedin.com/in/konrad-djimeli-69809b97
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