[OpenStack Foundation] [OpenStack][Diversity] Doodle poll to schedule next Diversity Work Group Team meeting

Barrett, Carol L carol.l.barrett at intel.com
Wed May 11 19:54:15 UTC 2016

Hi All - It was great to meet with some of you at the Summit in Austin. Honestly,  going into the Summit, I didn't think there was a lot of energy in our Community around this topic. Coming out of the Summit, the earnest and passionate discussions we had has created a renewed sense of purpose. I hope we can continue the discussion on issues, actions to address and owners to drive in upcoming team meetings.

The Doodle link below is to identify a time for the team to meet next week. Pls add your information to the Doodle by EOD Thursday (Pacific time). I will send out the winner, along with agenda and logistics.



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