[OpenStack Foundation] Updating the OpenStack Mission Statement

Sun, Yih Leong yih.leong.sun at intel.com
Tue Feb 2 19:21:04 UTC 2016

It is not clear in the mission statement that "interoperable" refer to just "application interoperability"
>> building interoperable public and private clouds 
>> serving the cloud users' needs.

This again come back to the discussion on how we define "interoperability".

Should OpenStack's mission statement reflect a broader vision of Cloud Computing?

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Barrett, Carol L wrote:
> I think the mission below is a good representation of the intent of the collaboration of the community.
> One question: What does interoperability refer to? Application interoperability across OpenStack Clouds? The interoperability of OpenStack based Clouds with other Non-OpenStack Clouds? Or ?

Application interoperability across OpenStack clouds.

The original TC-suggested wording ("building interoperable public and private clouds") was arguably slightly clearer there.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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