[OpenStack Foundation] December 6 Board of Directors meeting

Jonathan Bryce jonathan at openstack.org
Tue Dec 6 17:34:38 UTC 2016

The Board of Directors met today on a phone conference. The agenda can be seen on the wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/6Dec2016BoardMeeting

The meeting started out by approving minutes from the previous two Board meetings. After that, I presented a 2017 budget proposal. The Board discussed the budget with requests for some additional information going forward on how various Foundation programs and initiatives are impacting the overall budget. After the discussion, the Board voted to approve the proposed 2017 budget.

Next, Edgar Magana presented the full set of changes proposed to update membership of the User Committee. This included a new User Committee charter as well as Bylaws amendments to support the new structure. After discussion and some questions, the Board voted to approve the structure and the Bylaws amendments. The new User Committee structure parallels the structure of the Technical Committee in most ways. The User Committee will be holding elections starting in 2017 to fill positions. Full details on the structure and the updates can be found in links on the agenda wiki page.

Allison Randal led another discussion around strategic topics. The discussion started off by reviewing points that were collected after the previous Board meeting a few weeks ago and then turned to a framework of questions that participants can work on outside of the meeting. The goal is to use this framework to gather additional information that will focus and drive the work at an in-person meeting in early 2017.

The final topic on the agenda was brought up by Shane Wang. Shane mentioned that there are other companies who are interested in becoming corporate members of the Foundation, but there are currently no available spaces. He brought up the idea of increasing the number of Gold Member companies allowed. The Board discussed this possibility as well as other options like increasing Platinum company spaces, creating a new tier of corporate membership or finding other programs to involve these new companies. Ultimately, the consensus was that the directors would like to see more options and have a better understanding of what might be achieved by the various paths. Anni Lai and Rob Esker took the action to development some potential ideas and bring them back for consideration.

With that, the final Board meeting of 2016 closed. As a reminder, nominations for 2017 Board elections are currently open. For more information on the upcoming election visit the website at http://www.openstack.org/election/2017-individual-director-election/



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