[OpenStack Foundation] [openstack-dev] [board][tc][all] One Platform – Containers/Bare Metal? (Re: Board of Directors Meeting)

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:05:01 UTC 2016

Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Fox, Kevin M wrote:
>> I think my head just exploded. :)
>> That idea's similar to neutron sfc stuff, where you just say what
>> needs to connect to what, and it figures out the plumbing.
>> Ideally, it would map somehow to heat & docker COE & neutron sfc to
>> produce a final set of deployment scripts and then just runs it
>> through the meat grinder. :)
>> It would be awesome to use. It may be very difficult to implement.
>> If you ignore the non container use case, I think it might be fairly
>> easily mappable to all three COE's though.
> This feels like Heat with a more readable descriptive language. I don't
> really like this approach, because you end up with the lowest common
> denominator between COE's functionality. They are all different. And
> they are at the peak of the differentiation phase. The LCD is bound to
> be pretty basic.
> This approach may be attractive for us as infrastructure providers, but
> I also know this is not attractive to users who used Kubernetes before
> and wants to continue to use Kubernetes (and don't really want to care
> about whether OpenStack is running under the hood). They don't want to
> learn another descriptor language or API, they just want to learn the
> Kubernetes description model and API and take advantage of its unique
> capabilities.
> In summary, this may be a good solution for *existing* OpenStack users
> to start playing with containerized workloads. But it is not a good
> solution to attract the container cool kids to using OpenStack as their
> base infrastructure provider. For those we need to make it as
> transparent and simple to use their usual tools to deploy on top of
> OpenStack clouds. The more they can ignore we are there, the better.

I get the feeling of 'the more they can ignore we are there, the 
better.' but it just feels like at that point we have accepted our own 
fate in this arena vs trying to actually having an impact in it... Do 
others feel that it is already at the point where we can no longer 
attract the cool kids, is the tipping point of that happening already past?

I'd like for openstack to still attract the cool kids, and not just 
attract the cool kids by accepting 'the more they can ignore we are 
there, the better' as our fate... I get that someone has to provide the 
equivalent of roads, plumbing and water but man, it feels like we can 
also provide other things still ;)


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