[OpenStack Foundation] [openstack-dev] [board][tc][all] One Platform – Containers/Bare Metal? (Re: Board of Directors Meeting)

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Tue Apr 12 19:16:13 UTC 2016

Flavio Percoco wrote:
> On 11/04/16 18:05 +0000, Amrith Kumar wrote:
>> Adrian, thx for your detailed mail.
>> Yes, I was hopeful of a silver bullet and as we’ve discussed before (I
>> think it
>> was Vancouver), there’s likely no silver bullet in this area. After that
>> conversation, and some further experimentation, I found that even if
>> Trove had
>> access to a single Compute API, there were other significant
>> complications
>> further down the road, and I didn’t pursue the project further at the
>> time.
> Adrian, Amrith,
> I've spent enough time researching on this area during the last month
> and my
> conclusion is pretty much the above. There's no silver bullet in this
> area and
> I'd argue there shouldn't be one. Containers, bare metal and VMs differ
> in such
> a way (feature-wise) that it'd not be good, as far as deploying
> databases goes,
> for there to be one compute API. Containers allow for a different
> deployment
> architecture than VMs and so does bare metal.

Just some thoughts from me, but why focus on the 
compute/container/baremetal API at all?

I'd almost like a way that just describes how my app should be 
interconnected, what is required to get it going, and the features 
and/or scheduling requirements for different parts of those app.

To me it feels like this isn't a compute API or really a heat API but 
something else. Maybe it's closer to the docker compose API/template 
format or something like it.

Perhaps such a thing needs a new project. I'm not sure, but it does feel 
like that as developers we should be able to make such a thing that 
still exposes the more advanced functionality of the underlying API so 
that it can be used if really needed...

Maybe this is similar to an app-catalog, but that doesn't quite feel 
like it's the right thing either so maybe somewhere in between...

IMHO I'd be nice to have a unified story around what this thing is, so 
that we as a community can drive (as a single group) toward that, maybe 
this is where the product working group can help and we as a developer 
community can also try to unify behind...

P.S. name for project should be 'silver' related, ha.


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