[OpenStack Foundation] [magnum] Seek advices for a licence issue

Guang Ya GY Liu liugya at cn.ibm.com
Mon Apr 11 01:43:43 UTC 2016

Thanks Jeremy and Hong Bin, I will talk with Mesosphere guys in this week's
sync up meeting for this to see if we can integrate it to Magnum.

Will have you updated if there are any feedback on this.


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From:	Jeremy Stanley <fungi at yuggoth.org>
To:	foundation at lists.openstack.org
Cc:	Hongbin Lu <hongbin.lu at huawei.com>, Guang Ya GY
            Liu/China/IBM at IBMCN
Date:	04/09/2016 11:27 PM
Subject:	Re: [OpenStack Foundation] [magnum] Seek advices for a licence

On 2016-04-09 15:02:03 +0000 (+0000), Hongbin Lu wrote:
> Recently, one of our contributors suggested to extend the Mesos
> support to DCOS [3]. The Magnum team is unclear if there is a
> license issue for shipping DCOS, which looks like a close-source
> product but has community version in Amazon Web Services [4].

Their EULA at https://docs.mesosphere.com/community-edition-eula/
indicates (item 4 subpart ii):

    "Licensee will not (and will not allow any third party to) [...]
    (ii) sell, assign, distribute, provide, lease, lend, disclose,
    use for timesharing or service bureau purposes, or otherwise use
    or allow others to use for the benefit of any third party, any
    Licensed Software (except as expressly and specifically
    authorized by Mesosphere)."

So without explicit permission from Mesosphere it doesn't seem like
the OpenStack community including Magnum developers can legally
redistribute DCOS Community Edition at all, regardless of whether
it's within the bounds of our community norms (which I also feel
like it isn't).
Jeremy Stanley

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