[OpenStack Foundation] [Diversity] September 17 Meeting Reminder

Alexis Lee lxsli at hpe.com
Thu Sep 17 10:32:29 UTC 2015

Very happy with this in general, just a few points.

Roland Chan said on Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 01:13:43AM +0000:
> The OpenStack Foundation has a deep commitment to fostering the diversity
> and inclusivity of the OpenStack community. The Foundation has created a
> Diversity Working group to formulate, deliver and monitor a program to
> increase the diversity of the community.

2nd sentence, suggest: "The Foundation has created a Diversity Working
group to monitor and increase the diversity of the community."

I don't think the other words add much.

> This survey asks you, members of the OpenStack community, a variety of
> questions some of which relate to topics which you may view as personal and
> private. It is not the intent of the survey to invade the privacy of the
> community, it is simply to gather information on the make up of the
> community.
> Should you not wish to disclose any piece of information please do not
> answer that question. The survey will protect the anonymity of each
> respondent and all individual answers will not be able to be tied to any
> particular respondent.

Suggest: "This survey asks you, the members of the OpenStack community,
a variety of questions. Some of these relate to personal and private
topics, please only answer those questions you are comfortable with.
Your privacy is important to us and responses will not be tied to
primary identifiers like names or user IDs."

Rationale: I prefer to avoid negatives, like "we don't want to".
Emotions (like our feeling of safety) are bad at negatives. I also
prefer to avoid words like "simply", which carry little meaning but

I prefer to acknowledge that some questions are personal straight up,
rather than implying subjectivity. This minimises any suggestion the
respondent ought to answer fully and is being difficult by preferring
not to.

I'd like to avoid a blanket guarantee of anonymity. Were I a disabled
trans woman living in Antarctica, it could be quite easy to correlate me
with my responses without using my name. I'm not entirely happy with my
suggested text on this point, I'd like to explain more but I'm not sure
how without scaring people off.

On a UX point - if I don't want to answer a question, but accidentally
make a selection, is it easy to undo that? This can be difficult with
radio buttons. If not, maybe we should include a "No answer" option on
all such questions.

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