[OpenStack Foundation] [Diversity] re: Diversity Workgroup APAC 2015-08-27

Eoghan Glynn eglynn at redhat.com
Fri Sep 11 11:16:04 UTC 2015

> Hi all
> Is it just me or does anyone else find this a bit disturbing.  Surely the
> goal is to structure the openstack community to be inclusive rather than
> spending time prying into people's unrelated private lives so we can use
> the data as part of a science experiment.
> My religion or sexuality has nothing to do with openstack.

Hi Geoff,

I sympathize somewhat with your view. I argued up-thread for removing
the question on religion, and FWIW I think the survey should concentrate
on a small number of characteristics that are both innate to the person
and also outwardly visible, such as:

 * gender presentation
 * race
 * geographical location

IMO people are unlikely to object to sharing such information about
themselves, since it's quite obviously apparent anyway in their daily

Also these are the kinds of characteristics on which discrimination/
exclusion, whether conscious or unconscious, is most likely to be based
(because these characteristics are so outwardly visible).

I'd be a bit concerned about interpreting the data if we include more
intrusive/personal questions *and* many of respondents decline to answer
those specific questions, while answering other questions. There's a
non-response rate above which those data become unreliable (i.e. we
can't necessarily assume that the data gathered from the respondents
are suitable for accurately extrapolating across the community, as the
non-respondents may skew disproportionately one way or the other, since
they're essentially a self-selected sub-group).


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