[OpenStack Foundation] [Women-of-openstack] [OpenStack][Women of OpenStack] Kick-off Meeting Info

Eoghan Glynn eglynn at redhat.com
Thu Sep 3 21:01:42 UTC 2015

> > One of the points of this group is to identify what are the
> > barriers women face and how can we help. Women brought up concerns
> > about IRC as being a barrier from a technical and group
> > interaction standpoint. We are evaluating the best options to
> > address those concerns.
> [...]
> I'd be thrilled to work out ways we can make IRC and mailing lists
> more welcoming and usable for everyone. I worry that a push to
> alternative tools and communication channels will only serve to
> alienate already marginalized groups within our community, further
> dividing us.


Thanks Jeremy for articulating that crucial aspect so clearly.


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