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Jimmy Mcarthur jimmy at tipit.net
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We've taken a look at the survey builder and I believe it will be a 
great fit for your needs. We need to do some light lifting to get the 
reporting tools working for a different survey type, but other than 
that, we should be good to go.

Do you have an idea of timeline for the new survey? I'd be happy to set 
up a call/IRC to discuss additional details.

Jimmy McArthur / Tipit.net <http://Tipit.net><jimmy at tipit.net>
m: 512.965.4846

> Jonathan Bryce <mailto:jonathan at openstack.org>
> October 12, 2015 at 1:14 PM
> Thanks for sending over the questions you were thinking about and the 
> overall rationale. This is definitely something we can help with from 
> the Foundation side. Jimmy McArthur is responsible for the technical 
> set up of the user survey and our survey builder system that we could 
> re-use for this. He’s going to look at this and let us know the level 
> of effort to build this one out and then we can think about what the 
> right timing is for distribution.
> Jonathan
>> On Oct 11, 2015, at 8:18 PM, Robert Collins<robertc at robertcollins.net>  wrote:
>> On 8 October 2015 at 03:48, Barrett, Carol L<carol.l.barrett at intel.com>  wrote:
>>> Robert - Can you say a bit about the information you'd like to gather and the type of actions you're looking to inform from the survey?
>> Absolutely.
>> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-April/060745.html
>> was the thread I started in April.
>> I had some private responses too offering more questions (I've copied
>> the suggestions, not the authors name as I don't know why they chose
>> private responses).
>> Broadly, I want to be able to get away from squeaky-wheel discussions
>> when it comes to talking about our contributor base and instead have
>> some readily available empirical data, so that we're not speculating
>> about the likely impact of policy changes.
>> Its likely that with some care the survey could be useful for
>> academics doing research as well (see below for one set of such
>> questions), but that philanthropic angle isn't much of a driver for
>> me. On the other hand, I'd rather add a couple of questions to*one*
>> yearly developer survey, than have academics from all over doing
>> de-novo questionnaires to all committers etc and leading to burnout.
>> For instance, if we find that many of our devs are new to Python, I'd
>> be advocating the creation of a mentoring program to take
>> new-Python-developer-mentoring load off of core reviewers. (This is
>> one of the mild complaints I hear regularly from core devs - that they
>> see a lot of novice-written-Python and that the education therein is
>> time consuming - but is it really common, or is it a form of
>> measurement bias?)
>> -Rob
>> +=====+
>> My draft questions
>> How many years have you been contributing to OpenStack
>>   [needed to control for the next question]
>> How many years have you been writing in Python
>> How fluent do you consider yourself to be in:
>> - Python
>> - C
>> - Javascript
>> How much time do you spend doing:
>> - operations
>> - development
>> - packaging/redistribution
>> What operating system do you use to do your OpenStack development
>> +=====+
>> - Are you coding on OpenStack as part of your daytime job
>> - What percentage of your time can you dedicate to OpenStack
>> - Is your employer enforcing a policy for upstream contributions
>> (internal code review, require approval, etc)
>> +=====+
>> I would love to learn a bit about how DevStack is used outside the gate:
>> * Do you use DevStack as part of your everyday workflow?
>> * If so, on what distribution(s)?
>> * Do you run a non-default configuration WRT system services? ie, qpid
>> or zmq, or psql
>> * Do you run a gate-like environment using devstack-gate or something like it?
>> * Do you regularly run a forked/branched DevStack
>> * Do you run Grenade as part of your local workflow?
>> I think it would be interesting to also ask about some of the other
>> tools developed in our community, like gertty.  Knowing the usefulness
>> and adoption of these tools can help justify (or not) ongoing work in
>> this area.
>> +=====+
>> Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona asked that the questions they used in their
>> 2014 paper be included to permit updating their effort model. Those
>> questions were:
>> • (1, Selection): On average, how many hours in a week have you spent
>> in the project in the last six months?
>> (>40h, 40h, 30h, 20h, 10h,<5h)
>> • (1, Selection): How much of the time you spent in the project is
>> devoted to coding? (>95%, approx. 75%,
>> approx. 50%, approx. 25%,<10%)
>> • (1, Selection): Do you make at least one commit to the repository
>> the days you code? (yes, no)
>> • (2, Selection): What do you consider yourself in the project?
>> (full-time, part-time, occasional contributor)
>> • (2, Free-text box): Did you always work on the project the same
>> amount of hours, or did you have different phases of commitment? If
>> you had different phases, could you tell us about the various phases?
>> (the graph below may help you, as it is based in your recorded
>> activity in the repository)
>> +=====+
>> Can we get some (optional!) diversity questions included? Gender (M/F/
>> nonbinary), ethnicity, age, # of years experience etc, geography. It's
>> important we monitor our aggregate metrics here. Maybe also an
>> agree/disagree on "Diversity is important to the OpenStack community"?
>> %age of OpenStack time spent for work vs play? Employment status?
>> Compensation? Might make a persuasive "get into this" argument if we're
>> compensated relatively highly. Remote working?
>> "(Launchpad/Gerrit/the specs process/the release process) fulfill their
>> stated missions" on a scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree.
>> +=====+
>> -Rob
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