[OpenStack Foundation] Foundation help running a developer survey?

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Oct 12 08:19:14 UTC 2015

Random comments below:

Robert Collins wrote:
> [...]
> How fluent do you consider yourself to be in:
>  - Python
>  - C
>  - Javascript

Why C (and not, say, Java or Go) ? Is it some kind of control question
to detect who learned programming before 2005 ?

> [...]
> • (1, Selection): Do you make at least one commit to the repository
> the days you code? (yes, no)

I think this one is a bit unclear. What is "the repository" ? Your local
git repo ? A branch pushed to Gerrit for review (a "change") ? Or an
actual commit in an actual OpenStack repository ? The latter seems
extremely unlikely (getting one commit fully in on the day you code it).

> [...]
> "(Launchpad/Gerrit/the specs process/the release process) fulfill their
> stated missions" on a scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree.

Maybe add a comment box so that we can control people are actually clear
on the "stated missions". For example, Launchpad (un)stated mission is a
bit overreaching -- task tracking, task coordination, bug tracking,
change tracking and release publication... Most people think it's only
one (or two) of those, and it's usually part of the reason why they
think it does its work badly.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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