[OpenStack Foundation] Foundation help running a developer survey?

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Tue Oct 6 18:36:39 UTC 2015

I proposed (to the openstack-dev mailing list) about 7 months back
that we should run a developer survey, which got a positive reaction.
I haven't followed up and actioned this for a few reasons.

Firstly, there was some academic mail-bombing *everyone* inane surveys
every week or two at that time, and I didn't want to burn folk out
with yet *another* survey.

Secondly, and I think more importantly, I realised that really we want
a few things here that are not suited to a one-off by a random member
of the community:
 - If the questions are useful, we should refresh the data regularly.
Not at the frequency of the user survey, but perhaps yearly?
 - Secondly, we'll need a home for the data - and assuming its
properly anonymous/anonymised - ongoing open access for us to ask
questions about it
 - The foundation already has a track record for doing both those
things with the user survey...

So, I'm wondering - would the foundation be interested/willing to help
the developer community out by running such a survey across all ATC's
(minimally, perhaps a wider net with 'are you an ATC' as a question
would be good too) yearly-or-so ? I'd be delighted to help seed the
survey with initial questions (from me and the folk that replied to my
earlier proposal).

Robert Collins <rbtcollins at hp.com>
Distinguished Technologist
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