[OpenStack Foundation] DCO topic at October board meeting

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Tue Oct 6 04:35:04 UTC 2015


I was just looking over the current draft agenda for the October board
meeting here:


I see that the DCO topic is not on the agenda for the formal board
meeting, but is instead in the joint TC/Board section for an update.

I left the last board meeting with the understanding and expectation
that we would be having a vote on this topic in October.  The vote was
postponed last time as some felt their company's legal counsel needed
additional time to vet the issue, but that it could be done by October.
 It was also said that it was no big deal to postpone the vote since it
would not postpone the implementation since pre-req work was still being

We don't have official minutes of the last board meeting, as we'll be
voting to approve them in October.  The meeting overview from Jonathan
didn't cover this topic:


but it was covered in a follow-up by Mark McLoughlin and Mark Radcliffe:


A few important quotes from Mark Radcliffe's summary:

"The Board considered the delay of the decision until the next Board
meeting and then decided to do so."


"However, the Board made clear that the decision would be made at the
next Board meeting and that any discussion with inhouse counsel would
need to be completed by that date."


"The Board approved the continued technical preparation for implementing
DCO for individual contributions.  Moreover, the Board was also
influenced by the fact that the deferral of this Board decision to the
next meeting would not delay the implementation of the DCO procedure, if
approved, because the earliest that the DCO could be implemented would
be at the time of the Mitaka release."

Based on that understanding, I'd like to see this on the regular board
meeting agenda with a plan for a vote.  If there is reason why it can
not or should not be, I would love to hear an update from anyone
involved in discussions that have happened since the last board meeting.


Russell Bryant

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