[OpenStack Foundation] Suggestions about OpenStack

Roland Chan roland at aptira.com
Mon Mar 30 22:56:54 UTC 2015

> However, IMO it would be a very bad idea to artificially tilt the core
> nomination system in order to accelerate a natural process. Instead the key
> is to widen of the pool of potential cores who deserve the nomination
> purely
> on merit.

A personal development program to foster diversity sounds great. Quite a
novel idea for this sort of organisation.

First things first though, we need a plan to make a plan before we dive
into the detail.

Debra's made an excellent point (sorry for not replying to that email, but
I wanted to get this all done in one):

* In order to steer a change in culture you first have to know where it is
and then where you want it to go.*

This is a fair amount of work. To ensure that progress gets made, I suggest
that the board commits to having a fully developed diversity/inclusion
policy and a committed action plan within 6 months. That is: they know
where we are, where we want to go and have a plan to get us there.

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