[OpenStack Foundation] Suggestions about OpenStack Diversity?

Roland Chan roland at aptira.com
Mon Mar 30 21:38:03 UTC 2015

>> Create a diversity or inclusion policy with specific measureable
> What type of objectives would you suggest?

The Foundation should represent its members in some way. Without wanting to
presuppose the outcome of a member satisfaction survey, metrics that showed
the correlation or lack thereof between the makeup of the members and the
makeup of the organisation that serves them may point towards a goal. Or
not if the membership is happy with the job that is being done.

Typical goals include:

- increasing diversity of the board
- increasing the diversity of senior management
- increasing the diversity of the workforce

to a level that improves on the current situation.

I'm presupposing here that the Foundation actually supports the concept of
diversity as strength. The very first goal should be to write and publish
this commitment. A quick google didn't find anything.

Basically: requirements (commitment to diversity), design (setting some
goals), execution (holding people accountable for reaching those goals).

>> One starting point would be to have the foundation regularly or
continuously report on itself (board and staff at a minimum.
> We create these (Jonathan gives a report twice a year and Alan produces
one annually).  Perhaps the issue is distribution.

Maybe. It should be on the website somewhere fairly prominent, and may as
well be generated from live data if possible. There are plenty of examples
of how the wider tech industry does this. Usually with circular graphs.

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