[OpenStack Foundation] Suggestions about OpenStack Diversity?

Roland Chan roland at aptira.com
Sun Mar 29 00:11:17 UTC 2015

First up the board should set some goals. Create a diversity or inclusion
policy with specific measureable objectives. Then it is possible to have a
meaningful discussion about what to do.

One starting point would be to have the foundation  regularly or
continuously report on itself (board and staff at a minimum. Reporting on
the membership would be great but perhaps only partially achievable).  That
at least would demonstrate transparency and make it fairly clear whether
there is a problem with the diversity of the foundation. It may also
provide a mechanism for tracking progress towards the goals, whatever they
may be.


OpenStack Community,

The Board has been discussing how to encourage diversity (all types from
gender and region to commercial and technical) and also work to improve
transparency of Board processes.

If you have ideas for us to consider, please feel free to reply to this

If you think that we're doing OK (or not) on this, please let us know that



Rob Hirschfeld, 512-773-7522

I am in CENTRAL (-6) time
twitter: @zehicle, github: cloudedge & ravolt

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