[OpenStack Foundation] March 2 Board of Directors Meeting

jonathan at openstack.org jonathan at openstack.org
Thu Mar 5 23:10:31 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday, the Board of Directors held a face-to-face meeting in chilly New York City. We had 19 of 24 directors in person, and three participated on the phone throughout.

The primary objective of this meeting was to engage in some strategic planning with the Board. Mark Collier kicked off the meeting by providing some context about the state of OpenStack and relevant emerging market trends. The Board members then broke into four small groups to dive into 4 areas: (1) Network Functions Virtualization / Internet of Things, (2) containers / developer productivity and tools, (3) public & hybrid clouds and (4) coordinating efforts across projects and companies within OpenStack, including the new product manager community working group. There was a lot of discussion about how we can better engage with other industry groups and open source technologies, the importance of continuing to attract developers to OpenStack, and how we can become more strategic with our contributions. The Directors spent time within their small groups and then presented their thoughts for discussion to the full Board after lunch. Coming out of the meeting the Foundation staff and Directors will turn this input into actions that can be incorporated into 2015 plans, as well as longer-term initiatives.

Following the strategic planning discussions, Rob Hirschfeld gave an update from the DefCore committee and presented a slate of capabilities for the Board to approve as the official “2015.3” specification. The Board approved the proposed DefCore committee process and slate of capabilities for "OpenStack Powered” products. This was a huge milestone for the DefCore efforts, and enables the Foundation staff to now implement the new license agreements and product testing program when the bylaws changes go into effect at the end of March. If you are responsible for an OpenStack Powered product or service within your company, we will be reaching out to help you adopt the new licensing programs. A very big thank you to Rob Hirschfeld and the DefCore committee who worked hard to make quick progress over the past couple of months.

Finally, the Board wrapped up with an hour-long discussion about transparency and diversity. Discussion points included implementing better mailing list procedures, potential changes to the Transparency Policy and how Board Members can better engage with and support all of our global communities. Sean Roberts is picking up the Transparency Committee work, which will convene in the next few weeks to follow up on the discussion with more concrete recommendations and actions on that front. Also, Robert Esker started a thread on this list to discuss potential updates to the Transparency Policy.

After the meeting many of the participants trekked across a wet and snowy NYC to continue discussions over dinner. It was really energizing to see how far the community has come in five years and consider the opportunities for OpenStack over the next five. I appreciate the enthusiasm and engagement from the Board on all of these important topics. Thanks to everyone who participated in person and remotely!


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