[OpenStack Foundation] transparency committee, proposed dates and agenda

sean roberts seanroberts66 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 02:48:20 UTC 2015

We have a very full day of strategy and defcore discussion with the full
board tomorrow. I want to be prepared before proposing anything to the
board. I will be deferring any Transparency committee discussion tomorrow
to a later board meeting when we are ready.

Here are a few dates that work for me. We can meet on one or all of them.
We can use hangout, webex, or something else.
10:00 am PST Thursday, 12 March
2:00 pm PST Tuesday, 17 March
6:30 pm PST Thursday, 26 March

I want the committee and anyone who is interested to meet, discuss ideas. A
rough agenda so far would include use of private ML and IRC channels,
diversity, what examples of transparency should we be following, and rating
the board transparency performance for annual reporting.

~ sean
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