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I think one starting point is a snapshot (as much as we can) of what the
diversity is like in OpenStack. We have some stats in the etherpad about
the Summits -- is there a official document with those numbers?

Summit attendees is one metric, but includes a range of people in
non-technical roles and possibly not part of OpenStack.

Better metrics would include the active members of the OpenStack community
-- contributors, leaders and management. One measure of active members
would be the list of active technical contributors (ATC) which should
capture contributors to documentation and development of the projects. We
likely need a way to count those contribute in other ways, but for now the
ATC is a start.

I see that the OpenStack signup form asks about gender and location. When
was the gender question added? When was the location question added? My
concern is that if they were added recently that few records will have the

2015 Metrics on Gender and Geography Diversity in OpenStack:

1. How many total active technical contributors (ATC) are there?
           a. If I read http://www.stackalytics.com correctly, that would
be 1316
2. What is the total ATC breakdown by geography and gender?
3. What is the per project ATC breakdown by geography and gender?
4. What is the per company ATC breakdown by geography and gender?
5. How many project team leads (PTL) are there?
6. What is the PTL breakdown by geography and gender?
7. How many OpenStack board of directors (BOD) members are there?
          a. https://www.openstack.org/foundation/board-of-directors/ has 21
8. What is the BOD breakdown by geography and gender?
          a. https://www.openstack.org/foundation/board-of-directors/ shows
possibly               2 women and 19 men.

Did I miss any OpenStack metrics? Who would be able to help get the data
for the stats?

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