[OpenStack Foundation] [Diversity] Future Meeting Poll - Reminder

Barrett, Carol L carol.l.barrett at intel.com
Wed Jun 24 20:21:26 UTC 2015

The poll will close tomorrow and we'll set the future meeting times off of the info from all of you who pariticipate.

If you haven't participated yet, pls visit the link below and indicate which times work for you.


From: Barrett, Carol L
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Subject: [OpenStack Foundation] [Diversity] Doodle Poll for Future Meeting Times

All - I took the action item in Friday's meeting to send out a doodle poll to find the 2(maybe 3) times that will enable people who are interested to participate in the team meetings.

The plan discussed is  to meet every other week, with alternating meeting times. In the poll you'll see dates for next week, but pls indicate the times that would work for you on a re-occurring basis.

Pls use this link to indicate your times by Noon Pacific Thursday, when I will close the poll and send out the results: http://doodle.com/9x5mead7fhphwdma

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