[OpenStack Foundation] Elections: Could we set the IRC topic?.

stefano at openstack.org stefano at openstack.org
Thu Jan 15 04:39:32 UTC 2015

Yes, we can although I don't know how to do that. CC-ing the infra team since I believe they have access to that.

My guess is that the people who pay attention to IRC have already voted because I'd expect them to be the most involved set of folks anyway. But probably adding there a link to http://www.openstack.org/blog/2015/01/why-all-openstack-foundation-individual-members-should-vote-now/ won't hurt for sure.

Probably a message to the General and -dev mailing lists also would help move the needle (sending one now).


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Stef, Thierry 

A suggestion:  Could we set the IRC topic, at end of mtgs (aka header) on the appropriate channels to "Get out and vote today!" 

Seems like meeting, meeting-alt, community, dev would be great targets.

I'll be happy if people start complaining that we are spamming them about voting :-)


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