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Mark Collier mark at openstack.org
Wed Feb 25 20:49:25 UTC 2015


> On Feb 25, 2015, at 6:03 AM, Doug Hellmann <doug at doughellmann.com> wrote:
>>> On Feb 25, 2015, at 1:46 AM, Mark McLoughlin <markmc at redhat.com> wrote:
>>> On Tue, 2015-02-24 at 12:29 -0600, Lauren Sell wrote:
>>> Regardless, let's take this opportunity to bring transparency top of
>>> mind and execute some significant, yet fairly easy and quick to
>>> implement changes to prove it to the community.
>> Indeed.
>>> Aggregating some of the constructive recommendations on this thread
>>> as well as my own thoughts, I would propose the following path
>>> forward:
>>>    * We should take quick action to create an open Board mailing
>>>      list and operate it just like the TC and User Committee lists.
>>>      This was a recommendation early on by the transparency
>>>      committee that stalled because we were waiting for an
>>>      OpenStack-based document store that could be used for the few
>>>      confidential pieces of information that needed to be
>>>      exchanged. In the interim, Board members were encouraged to
>>>      use the public foundation list, but I don't think that's
>>>      practical for every discussion and makes it too easy to keep
>>>      things on the private list.
>> The "just use the foundation list" approach was a worthwhile experiment,
>> but I think it's going to prove to be impossible to encourage board
>> members to use (particularly for mundane matters) a list that's
>> perceived to be a huge public audience.
>> A public mailing list specifically for the purpose of coordinating board
>> matters makes more sense. We explored the idea of opening the
>> foundation-board list, but the concern was about opening the archives of
>> a previously private list. I think we should just create a new public
>> list, calling it e.g. foundation-directors.
>> But yes - we still don't have a mechanism for sharing necessarily
>> confidential documents amongst board members, so we should retain the
>> private list for that purpose. Perhaps we should set the moderation bit
>> on the private list so every email would be moderated and only approve
>> those emails which are simply sharing confidential documents.
> The PSF uses split lists like this with good results. I like the moderation enhancement. 
> Doug
>>>    * Again, we've learned a lesson here with the anonymous doodle
>>>      to schedule the meeting, and we should make a point to have
>>>      any future polls and discussions along those lines public on a
>>>      new, open Board mailing list.
>> Agree.
>>>    * To showcase the board commitment, it would make sense to get
>>>      the list set up quickly and re-run the mid-year board meeting
>>>      scheduling poll and discussion publicly.
>> I've offered in the past to set up the list. I'm still happy to do it,
>> so perhaps we just need a brief motion and discussion of this plan at
>> next Tuesday's meeting.
>>>    * The original pitch to co-locate the Board meeting with
>>>      OpenStack Day India was to make a strong show of support for
>>>      the growing community; however, I agree with others that there
>>>      are effective ways to do this whether or not the meeting is
>>>      co-located. I know several of the Foundation staff have been
>>>      discussing mid-year travel schedules and would like to attend,
>>>      and I definitely think we should make a strong effort to
>>>      recruit Board and TC and other community members to attend the
>>>      event.
>> Cool.
>>>    * I'm happy to see Sean pick up the torch with the transparency
>>>      committee. I was on the committee in 2013 and helped draft the
>>>      transparency policy, but the committee waned and did not take
>>>      much if any action in 2014. It would be great for Sean to get
>>>      some time on the March 3 board meeting to discuss it.
>> Agree, and I think the committee's previous report does a nice job of
>> showing us where we should focus next.
>> Great list, Lauren. Thanks!
>> Mark.
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