[OpenStack Foundation] Fwd: [Foundation Board] March 3 Board meeting; call for agenda items.

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Yeah it is a serious issue. The descent of the board into secret emails, secret meetings and behind the scenes manoeuvring is a serious issue for the community that has placed its trust in us. We the board are failing at being open and it's unbelievable that this closed cabal like email list behaviour is still going on. 
Why is this list still confidential after what the board said they'd be using the main foundation list for EVERYTHING bar HR and serious legal matters? Why was this message put on this confidential list? Why shouldn't the community be being asked about the board's agenda?
And when you say "protocol", do you mean something like top/bottom posting? Where is this protocol documented that you speak of? This is OPENSTACK mate, where the overriding protocol is OPEN.
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 While I strongly support increasing transparency AND getting things on the right list.  We should NOT be forwarding items off a confidential list.  This is potentially a very serious issue.  
 I believe the correct protocol would be to ask the original poster to resubmit the topic to open list.  
      On 02/23/2015 09:14 PM, Tristan Goode wrote:   
              Forwarding this to the Foundation list where it should have been sent.           
            What do the community want us to put on the agenda?    
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           Directors,The most frequent feedback received after every board meeting is the desire for the Board to have more time for strategic level discussions.  Since we were able to get through the pressing logistical topics at the January call, we would like to propose that for the March 3rd Board meeting we spend a large portion of the meeting time in an active discussion on board level forward direction and vision.We've placed a short straw outline on the unofficial board notes etherpad[1] . The outline suggests the discussion flow for the future vision topic. This is intentionally a work in progress.  Directors as you have time this week, we invite you to add your thoughts, ideas, and discussion driving questions to the outline.  The outline has not been "word smithed".  If something is missing add it, if the text draws the wrong conclusion change it.We'd also like to suggest that during the meeting we use this etherpad as the focal point. Posting notes, ideas and conclusions on the etherpad, particularly during the breakouts, rather than sticky notes, whiteboards or slides will help ensure we capture all ideas into a coherent flow and that we are able to include those Directors who will be unable to join the meeting in person.Committee chairs if you have any additional topics for the agenda please send those to me and I will add them to the agenda.Thanks,AlanClark [1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/UnofficialBoardNotes-Mar03-2015_______________________________________________Foundation-board mailing listFoundation-board at lists.openstack.orghttp://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/foundation-board             
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