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Gentle reminder - If you haven't entered your info into the Doodle, pls do before it closes later today.

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Subject: [OpenStack][Women of OpenStack] Regular Work Group Meetings Starting - Join Us!

Women of OpenStack - There is a desire to create regular, on-going opportunities for Collaboration across this group. This will enable us to continue the dialog and interaction we have at the Summits and expand the scope of our activities.

One area for expansion is to collaborate with the Diversity Work Group to both inform the definition of programs that increase the participation and contributions of Women into OpenStack as well as lead execution of these programs.

We'd like to invite you to join for a kick-off meeting to discuss:
*       Diversity WG Collaboration
*       Goals & Objectives for regular WOO meetings
*       Logistics planning for the regular meetings

The Doodle at the link below, is for the kick-off meeting scheduling. Pls indicate which days/times between 9/1-9/4 work for your calendar. The Doodle will close on Thursday and we will publish the meeting time.
        Doodle Link: http://doodle.com/va6bzzad74h45inv

Thanks for your support and participation!

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