[OpenStack Foundation] [Foundation Board] OpenStack Foundation Tax Exempt Status

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Aug 27 08:59:02 UTC 2015

James Bottomley wrote:
> One of the things that might be considered now is whether to offer
> umbrella support to related projects so that they too can benefit from
> this.  One of the reasons the software freedom conservancy came into
> being was precisely for this purpose ... and in those days it was just
> because small projects couldn't afford to apply, not because the IRS was
> knocking back most applications.
> Obviously, the projects have to be related to the OpenStack mission, but
> politically, it might be beneficial to all open ecosystems to have a
> model like the conservancy but with less of an agenda.

Note that the Big Tent model of OpenStack projects is already completely
open to projects "related to the OpenStack mission", as long as they
share common development and community practice.

It's already a challenge to handle that growth (we doubled our number of
project teams in less than a year), so at this stage I don't think we
can afford to extend support to other projects "related to the OpenStack
mission" that would happen to not share our development and community
practices (and therefore would not qualify under the Big Tent model).


Thierry Carrez

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